New Whole Foods Market with strong community feel.

Smart worked closely with the Whole Foods team to ensure neighbourhoods, history and people that make Burnaby great were represented in this inspiring new space.

Nestled in the heart of Burnaby, the 42,000-square-foot Whole Foods Market completes the new Solo District development. As Whole Foods is known worldwide as a company synonymous with health consciousness and environmental sustainability, it was important to maintain their core values as the inspiration behind every facet of the design process.

Seamlessly integrated graphic and interior design elements create a dynamic and immersive environment, define shopping areas, and offer an engaging experience to all. Each department boasts a vibrant mix of cutting-edge interior design and captivating graphics with typography, large-scale murals, bright colors and finishes to effectively engage customers and to assist with navigation. Recycled and repurposed wood, corrugated aluminum, and industrial and artisanal ceramic tiles layered into a vibrant color palette add texture and dramatic interest.

Unique to this location is Blackbird Street Food, a bespoke culinary experience that brings the excitement and popularity of food trucks indoors. Shoppers can also find the popular local brand Vega serving up freshly pressed juices, along with a café. This creates a perfect hub to chat with friends at communal tables or indulge in some downtime on a lounge chair or a banquette.

Whether grabbing a fresh smoothie, grinding your own nut butter, noshing on some street food or simply replenishing your fridge, Whole Foods Market Burnaby is an enticing and memorable grocery experience that’s sure to become a regular ritual for the local Solo District demographic.

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