Now there’s a smart_ rebrand

It was the smart thing to do. We admit, we knew our brand and website needed a kickstart, but like many creative firms, we never seemed to find the time to tackle it. Well, we finally rolled up our sleeves and are so pleased to share the result with you.

From brand positioning to a bright new colour palette, to the digital platform you’re reading this on, we’ve edited out the hyperbole and focused on the work itself. Our new look is confident with just enough charm and fun to represent the real live humans that work here.

The team at Smart has always been clear about what makes us unique – an unwavering focus on our client’s clients and the ability to use design to connect people with places. We’re really good at it, and most importantly, we love doing it.

Our new brand expression reflects that focus – we’re not interested in the spotlight being on us, we’d much rather share stories of our client’s successes. But just for today we’ll admit we’re pretty chuffed with ourselves.